We can meet your brazing metarials and flux needs


We can meet your brazing materials and flux needs

Who we are

We are a manufacturer
of brazing materials and fluxes

The products that we see our world are made up of various parts. Which means, they are joined and assembled in some way. One could say that these joints determine the quality of the product. Here at Kinzoku Youzai, we hope that our brazing methods can be of service to you and your business.


Our Products

Brazing Filler Metals

We hava a wide selection of products.

  • Silver brazing filler metal
  • Copper brazing filler metal
  • Phosphorus copper brazing filler metal
  • Brass brazing filler metal
  • Phosphorus bronze brazing filler metal
  • Aluminum brazing filler metal
  • Nickel brazing filler metal
  • Solder


We provide a wide range of specialized fluxes are available to match the brazing filler metal, base material, and shape.

  • Fluxes for silver brazing filler metal
  • Fluxes for phosphorus copper brazing filler metal
  • Fluxes for brass brazing
  • Fluxes for aluminum
  • Vapor flux
  • Fluxes for solder

Preformed Brazing Materials

We process Brazing material into various shapes by ring processing, pressing, bending, drawing, and cutting according to the base material parts.