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Environmental Initiatives

Basic Principles

All employees are united in our efforts to promote initiatives that preserve the environment.

Global environmental problems are an urgent issue, and we believe that the manufacturing industry is required to make changes.
In order for our company’s growth and survival, all of our employees must work together to address such environmental issues.
As part of our corporate social responsibility, we aim to be a company that valued by our customers by taking actions that address environmental issues, and by providing products suitable for the times.

Environmental Policy

Our business will promote and balance the principles of “Products in harmony with the environment” and “Developing the Brazing Industry and the Environment”


Our goal to provide “Products in harmony with the environment“

Cadmium and Lead are both controlled substances that are used in both brazing filler metals and solder. The following chart shows that ratio of sales of silver brazing filler metals containing cadmium and solder containing lead has decreased significantly.

Transitioning away from Cadmium-containing Silver Brazing Filler Metals

Silver brazing filler metals20102021

Transitioning away from Lead-containing solder


However, both cadmium and lead are very effective when added to brazing filler metals and solder, and depending on the application are still used today by some SMEs and sole-proprietors. We also have a responsibility to provide products to such products, and we will continue to think of the suitable ways to continue provide products while addressing effectiveness, environmental concerns and the current needs of both society and our customers.


Becoming an ECO Factory following the 3S Methodology

Installation of LED Lights

In order to reduce the energy usage of our factory, we have replaced all lights with LEDs.

  • Before Installation

  • During Installation

  • After Installation

“Cool Roof” Insulation and Energy Saving Air Conditioning

A thermal barrier coating was applied to the exterior walls and a “cooling roof” was installed on the roof. This saves electricity usage by blocking heat in summer, retaining heat in winter and increasing the efficiency of the air-conditioning.

  • Before Installation

  • After Installation

Employee Training on SDGs

All employees attended a seminar regarding SDGs, deepening each employee’s understanding of the SDGs


Disclosing Information actively and swiftly

Over the years, actions like checking Product’s SDS (Safety Data Sheets), RoHS, SVHC, chemSHERPA, controlled substances and conflict minerals has been becoming increasingly complex. As a result, we have been increasingly receiving requests from our customers regarding such information, and we will continue to strive to meet such requests appropriately, accurately and swiftly.